As Seen on the streets of San Diego! – Carbon Fiber Lotus Elise on

Michael from San Diego featured this Lotus Elise as he was driving the downtown streets of San Diego.  A couple of photos compliments of Michael! - Lotus Elise Carbon Fiber

Spotted on 6th Ave and Market Street, downtown San Diego!

All Carbon Fiber Lotus Elise parked on the street at the corner of 6th Ave and Market Street in San Diego, California - Supercharged V6 Carbon Fiber Lotus

Supercharged V6 Carbon Fiber Lotus, featured on


Eaton’s Twin Vortices Series (TVS1320) Supercharger mated with a 3.5 liter V6 engine wrapped around the Carbon Fiber body.  This Elise is something special!

Eaton TVS Supercharger - Carbon Fiber Lotus Elise

Monster supercharger sits in this tiny light weight Elise!


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As Seen on TV! Carbon Fiber Lotus on Millionaire Matchmaker Cameo Appearance


Here is The All Carbon Fiber Lotus Elise S2, making an appearance on Bravo’s reality TV show, Millionaire Matchmaker.  This is before the Elise had it’s AP Big Brake Kit installed…as you can see the tiny yellow calipers!

Matchmaker Millionaire Carbon Fiber Lotus Elise

Season 5, Episode 4 - Matchmaker Millionaire Lotus Elise Carbon Fiber!

More on the story at William Stern is described as a 31 year old “Momma’s Boy.”  Call him what you will, but if you’re 31 years old and you own a BANK, you’ve done something right!!!

Note: the car was lent to the show for the filming of the episode.  William Stern is not the owner of this Elise